How are jamun or black plums beneficial for health

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How are jamun or black plums beneficial for health

Summer is the time when the markets are flooded with various fruits. These rich foods are not only tasty but healthy for our body too. Jamun or black plums are the summer fruit, which is highly beneficial for health. Though a bit unusual in taste, black plums can really help us to stay healthy and fit. These are purple in colour and have a sour taste. They are highly used in jams, tarts, juices, salads etc. It contains a good amount of iron around 1.41 mg, 15mg of calcium and 18 mg of vitamin C and vitamin B. Daily consumption of black plums help to bring relief to many health issues. (Also read: Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life)

How are Jamun or black plums beneficial for health?

Helps to improve digestion: Jamun helps to improve the digestion. It helps to regulate the bowel movement and also helps to bring relief to diarrhoea. It ensures healthy digestive juices for proper digestion.

Helps in weight loss: Being low in calories, Jamun helps to lose weight. It is one of the healthy snacks that you can munch at any time. They are filing and satiates your hunger for a long time. (Also read: How does starvation affect your body in a negative way)

Improves oral health: Jamun or black plums or java plums help to bring relief to the bleeding gums. It also helps to get rid of the bad breath and fight the problem of gingivitis. Not just this, the juice of Jamun can also be used as an effective mouthwash.

Brings relief to asthma and cough: Jamun juice helps to bring relief to the problem of excessive coughing. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it protects the body from cold, virus infection, asthma etc.

Maintains the level of haemoglobin: As Jamun or black plum is rich in vitamin C and iron, it initiates a good amount of haemoglobin in the body. It acts as a blood purifying agent and helps to cleanse the blood. Those who are suffering from anaemia must eat Jamun.

Prevents diabetes: Black plum or Jamun is quite effective in bringing relief to the problem of diabetes. Jamun helps to convert the sugar into energy and hence helps to maintain the level of blood sugar in the body. (Also read: Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times)

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