Hormone imbalance: Which body signs reveals your hormones are imbalanced

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Always keep your hormones in balance

Hormone imbalance: Many health problems occur when hormones are out of balance.

Hormones play a critical role in body functioning by carrying messages between cells and organs. The endocrine glands produce hormones, which travel through the blood to tissue and organs, controls the body functioning. They regulate development, growth, cognitive function, mood, maintenance of body temperature and thirst. For the proper functioning of the body it mandatory to have balanced hormone. When they are in proper balance, hormones help the body to grow. Unfortunately, sometimes hormone levels are too high or too low. The hormonal imbalance cause problems like anxiety, flatulence, fatigue, or weight gain. Moreover, when your hormones are not in balance our signals. You must be aware of these signals, so you take the precautionary measure at the earliest. (Also read: Foods for Hormone: Foods to Boost Human Growth Hormone)

Hormone imbalance: Let’s know body signs which reveal hormones are imbalanced

  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irregular Digestion
  • Anxiety, Irritability, and Mood Swings
  • Hair growth
  1. Unexplained weight gain or loss
    Hormones play an important role in regulating metabolism. Moreover, it also impacts the calories burn or fat storage. When your body’s hormone is out of order, you will face fluctuations in weight. This problem can be reduced with some simple dietary adjustments. (Also read: Weight gain supplements: How to gain healthy weight with supplements)
  2. Fatigue

    Imbalance hormone cause fatigue
    Hormone imbalance: Fatigue can be caused by hormone imbalance

    Hormone imbalance makes a body feel completely exhausted on a daily basis. It occurs because the body has to work overtime just to perform its basic functions due to imbalance hormone. (Also read: Which foods help to remove fatigue)

  3. Irregular digestion
    Hormones play a critical role in proper digestion. The major symptoms of hormone imbalance are bloating, excessive flatulence or burping, indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation, nausea, and itching. If you also face these symptoms, consume probiotic foods for better gut health.
  4. Anxiety, irritability, and mood swings
    Hormone imbalance causes moods swings, anxiety and irritability. Over-worked adrenals, hypothyroidism, serotonin deficiency, over-abundance of dopamine can affect your emotions. To get rid of this situation consume protein-rich foods.
  5. Hair growth
    If hormones are out of balance then it may cause the sudden growth of hairs on the body. to get rid of this problem eat health food.

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Hormone imbalance causes many health-related issues. It is mandatory to take precautionary measures to keep hormone in balance.  You can also read this article in Hindi.


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