Honey for cold and cough: Ways to use honey for cold and cough

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Ways to use honey to soothe your cough and cold

Whenever you are under the weather you must have heard from your mother or grandmother to have a bit of honey. Honey has many medicinal properties, so it is very beneficial for health. Honey contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system and helps to soothe a cough and cold. Cold and flu can happen to you in any season, you can use honey in different ways to fix it. So, it is an amazing idea to use honey if you are unwell. Let us know how honey is used to cure a cough and what are the ways of its use. (Also read: Food combination: Foods you must never eat along with honey)

Ways to use honey to soothe your cough and cold

  • Raw honey
  • Honey and dry ginger
  • Lemon and honey
  • Honey and Garlic
  • Black pepper and honey

Raw honey

Ways to use honey to soothe your cough and cold
Use raw honey to soothe your cough and cold

Honey contains anti-bacterial properties as well as suction properties. So, before sleeping just have a spoonful of honey at night. Thus the mucus will make a coating on the membrane, which provides relief from a sore throat and cough and cold.

Honey and dry ginger
Half a teaspoon of ginger powder and one teaspoon honey are very beneficial to cure a cough and cold. Ginger also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger and honey consumption together help to cure coughs faster. (Also read: Honey benefits: What are the benefits of having a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach)

Lemon and honey
Mixing lemon juice and honey in hot water give relief immediately from a cough and cold. Vitamin C is there in the lemon and honey contains anti-bacterial properties, so this drink is useful for curing coughing faster.

Honey and Garlic
There are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are there in garlic. So adding one spoon of garlic paste with honey is very beneficial to cure a cough and cold.

Black pepper and honey
Mixing one spoonful of honey with black pepper powder will reduce the problem of a cough and cold as well as it will sooth the problems of chest infections. Therefore, taking honey and black pepper is beneficial to remove a cough and cold.

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So, next time you get a cough and cold, you can use the help of honey. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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