High Blood Pressure: Mistakes That Increase Your Blood Pressure Reading

Mistakes that increases blood pressure, high blood pressure

There are mistakes which can spike the blood pressure reading.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common problem among many people of these days. Many people suffer from this health issue and it can be life-threatening if there no precaution is taken. The best way to keep a track on your blood pressure is to check it almost everyday. Doing this will help you to have a controlled grip on the blood pressure level. But, do you know there are many mistakes which gives a wrong reading of your heart rate and the flow of blood. So, we are going to tell you the mistakes which spikes your blood pressure level and gives you a wrong reading. Have a look. (Also Read: Healthy Diet To Boost The Blood Circulation In The Body)

Article Includes:

  • The wrong placement of Blood Pressure Cuff
  • A full bladder
  • Slouching
  • Smoking
  • Lack of rest

Mistakes That Increase Your Blood Pressure Reading:

1. The wrong placement of Blood Pressure Cuff:

Mistakes that increases blood pressure, high blood pressure
The wrong placement of the blood pressure cuff can increase the blood pressure reading.

The placement of your blood pressure cuff can increase your blood pressure reading. So, if you place the cuff by over clothing, it can add some extra points to the reading meter. Also, if the cuff is too small it will increase the pressure. Most of the blood pressure measurement errors happen when the patient’s arm circumference falls within the range indicators on the cuff.

2. A full bladder:
A full bladder can spike your blood pressure reading. When you have an empty bladder your blood pressure remains normal. But as the blader start filling, the reading of your pressure increases almost 10 to 15 points. Mostly the systolic pressure increases in a full bladder. If you have problems with frequent urination, you can have these foods to get rid of it.

3. Slouching:
Slouching is a mistake while measuring the blood pressure. It will increase the reading and give you wrong information. While you sit in the slouching gesture, it makes your heart area get the pressure of the body which triggers the pressure reading. It can increase the reading to 6-10points.

4. Smoking:

Mistakes that increases blood pressure, high blood pressure
Smoking increases our blood pressure level.

The blood pressure can be raised by smoking. It is not an error in the machine. Smoking increases the flow of the blood and the heartbeat spikes. Nicotine is the ingredient which increases your blood pressure. Thus, never measure your blood pressure right after smoking.

5. Lack of rest:
Rest and relaxation are much important when you measure your blood pressure. So, before taking the reading, just sit on a chair or lie down in the bed for at least 3-5 minutes. It will help your blood pumping and heartbeat be in the normal state and give you the right measurement. (Also Read: What Are The Snacks You Can Eat If You Have Blood Sugar)

These are the mistakes people make which can increase your blood pressure reading and give you an error information. You can read this article in Hindi also.

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