Public toilets: Healthy ways to disinfect the public toilets before using them

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How to prevent any kind of infection after using a public toilet

In order to avoid any kind of infection, one must use the public toilet safely.

Public toilets: No matter how hard we try, once in a while, we all use public toilets. There is no argument to the fact that public toilets are highly infected and may lead to severe infections. A single toilet is used by multiple people. It is obvious that the toilet seat, wash basin, toilet flush etc. will become the breeding ground for bacterial and viral infections. If we use a public toilet, we carry a lot of germs and bacteria out with us. Thus, it is always suggested to clean the toilet seat before using it. Let’s discuss how to use the public toilets in a safe way without getting infected. (Also read: Why should one avoid using soap bars while using public toilets)

Public toilet tips: How to use public toilets in a safe way without getting infected?

  • Toilet seat
  • Faucet
  • Flush
  • Toilet gate
  • Basic tips

Toilet seat

how to use public toilet without getting infected
Public toilets: One must always wash hands after using a public toilet.

One must use a toilet seat sanitizer before using the toilet seat. A toilet seat is exposed to germs like streptococcus, E. coli, hepatitis etc. which can cost your life. Usually these days the disposable toilet seat covers help to prevent the direct contact with the infections. You can always carry a good toilet safe solution in your bag. It is easily available in the markets.

While using the toilet faucet, one must use the toilet paper and then hold the faucet. Make sure you wash your hands properly after using it.


How to use the public toilet in a the right and safe manner
One must avoid using mobile phones in public toilets as they are highly infected.

Almost ‘N’ number of people touch flush of the public toilets. Never avoid flushing but make sure you wash your hands at least twice to prevent any sort of infection. (Also read: Why Indian toilets are better than the western toilets)

Toilet gate
More than anything else, the toilet gate, knob or the lock of the toilet door are infected. Make sure you use the hand sanitizer properly after coming out of the toilet.

Basic tips
One must always wash the hands after using the toilet. Washing hands are not just enough, sanitize them as well after coming out of the toilet. Always close or put down the toilet seat after use. Not just this, make sure you change your undergarments once you get back home to avoid any infection.

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These are some of the essential tips to prevent infection while you are using a public toilet. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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