Healthy Beans: Which beans one must include in the daily diet

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Healthiest beans: One must eat beans as they are rich in proteins.

Healthy beans: Our body needs essential nutrients and vitamins for the growth as well as development. Protein is one of the most important nutrients required by the body. There are a lot of supplements available in the market but nothing can fulfil the need of protein in the body. Non-vegetarians can take protein from various resources. However, vegetarians have limited options. Beans have a good amount of protein. Proteins help to build the cells in the body and thus it is necessary to consume them. One must know which beans should be consumed to stay fit. Beans and pulses are available in the market and you can consume them in various forms. There are a lot of health benefits of beans. Let’s discuss the various beans we can eat. (Also read: Kidney Beans During Pregnancy: Health Benefits Of Eating Rajma During Pregnancy)

Healthy beans: Which beans are healthy for the body?

  • Peas
  • Kidney beans (Rajma)
  • Chickpeas
  • Green gram (Moong)
  • Red lentils (Masoor)

Peas or dried peas contain fibre in a good amount. Consuming them help to feel fuller for a longer time and prevent us from excess eating. You can consume it in soup, curries and salad.

Kidney beans (Rajma)
Rajma or kidney beans have various health benefits. It helps to regulate the level of blood sugar. It contains protein, iron and fibre in a good amount. You can consume it with rice.


Which beans are healthy for the body
One must eat beans every day to stay healthy and fit.

Chickpeas contain fibre and carbs in a good amount. It helps to lose weight and reduces the problem of constipation.

Green gram (Moong)
In Indian households, the Green gram is used widely. It is rich in antioxidants, protein and fibre. Digesting green grams is comparatively easy and prevents bloating as well as gas.

Red lentils (Masoor)
Red lentils contain fibre in a good amount. It has folic acid, carbs and calcium. It also contains folate and low-cholesterol level. You can consume it in soups, khichdi, sambhar etc.

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These are some of the beans one must eat on regular basis. These beans are enriched in proper nutrients and help to keep the body fit. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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