Which is a healthier option for you: Roti or Bread

Which is a healthier option for you: Roti or Bread

Often your mom asks you to switch to roti in place of having bread in your meal. The roti or the Chappati is a part of Indian diet routine for a really long time. It is often considered to be a better and healthier option. However, after the arrival of brown bread and multigrain bread, it is hard to decide if the roti is actually a better option. When we use the term healthy, it covers a lot of things, including the calorie count, nutritional value etc. So it is important to understand what creates the difference between roti and bread and which one is a better option for your health. Let’s find out. (Also read: What are the causes of an itchy butt)

How Roti and bread are different from one and another?
The preparation of bread and roti creates all the difference. The bread is made by cooking flour dough and using water. Then additional ingredients are added to it as per the need. The roughage is removed from the flour but the yeast is added. However, in case of roti, it is made out of unleavened flour, that means the roughage is not removed.

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Nutritional value of roti vs bread

  • The most important thing that puts roti ahead of the bread in case of nutrition is that bread is mostly available in the package form. It contains preservatives to stay fresh, whereas the roti is prepared at home from the starch.
  • Secondly, the bread loses most of the nutritional value in case of the preparation. The bread and roti both are prepared from flour. However, in the preparation, the roughage is removed in case of bread. Whereas in case of roti the roughage is not removed, thus enhancing the nutritional value of the roti.
  • Thirdly, the nutritional value of any product is determined by the grain content. If the bread is the white bread, then it might lose to roti, but multigrain bread is full of healthy grains like millet, ragi or bajra. However, one can make roti using multigrain flour as well. (Also read: What are the things you must never lie to your doctor about)
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