What are the health benefits of eating strawberries during winters

What are the health benefits of eating strawberries during winters

One of the most attractive and lustrous fruit, strawberry is one of the best kind of berries which is easily available in the market. The plumpy red colour is quite eye-catching and makes us longs for more. It has slight sour, sweet taste and is quite juicy and fresh. What makes strawberry one of the best fruits is not it’s appearance but a number of nutrients it is loaded with. It has a lot of fibre content, vitamins and minerals. Strawberries are anti-oxidant in nature which bless our body in multiple ways. Strawberries can be eaten raw, in salads, as a little snack and you can even add it to your healthy oatmeal breakfast. Thus, we should not miss out this major energy giving fruit during winters. (Also read: What are the benefits of a 30-days water diet)

What are the health benefits of eating strawberries during winters?

Helps to boost immunity: Strawberries help to boost the immunity of the body. A human body is unable to produce vitamin C on its own. Thus, it is essential that we must extract it from the food we eat. Strawberries being the natural source of vitamin C helps the body in multiple ways. We require eating around 1 cup of strawberries in a day to fulfil our body’s daily requirement of vitamin C. Besides this, strawberry is antioxidant in nature, which helps to fight various infections in the body and work wonders for it. It thus fights infections like common cold and cough during the winter season.

Aids the problem of constipation: Being rich in fibres, strawberry helps to provide relief from the problem of constipation. Including strawberries in the diet helps to have a better digestion and also promote healthy bowel movement. Including strawberries help to ease the the passage of stool through the colon effectively. (Also read: What are various benefits of anti-oxidants in the body)

Helps to lose weight: Strawberries help to lose weight in a rapid manner. They are low in calories count and rich in fibre. Thus, they make you feel fuller for a longer period of time and induces less consumption of further calories. It, in fact, boosts the metabolism rate of the body, thus the burns down the calories to lose weight. People who tend to gain weight during winters should eat strawberries regularly.

Prevents memory loss: Strawberries contain a flavonoid called Fisetin. It is believed that consumption of strawberries can prevent the loss of memory that comes with age.

Keeps the bone healthy: Manganese and potassium present in strawberries help to make the bones strong and healthy. Thus, one should consume strawberries and should also give it to growing children to ensure the health of their bones.

Ensure healthy eyes: Strawberries have antioxidant properties which prevent the problem of eye-cataract. Enriched with vitamin C, strawberries prevent the free radicals and fights the harsh rays of the Sun to keep the eyes healthy. It even makes the retina and cornea of the eye strong. (Also read: What are the different sleeping positions according to different health problems)

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