Why It Is Harmful To Drink Water From The Plastic Bottles

Why It Is Harmful To Drink Water From The Plastic Bottles

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We all use plastic bottles for storage and drinking purpose. These days the usage of plastic bottles is increasing rapidly. This is because of the convenience and easy use of plastic bottle instead of using any steal or copper. They are light-weighted and easy to carry anywhere anytime. But, apart from having these amazing benefits, it is harming our health overall. You will be amazed at knowing how harmful it can be to drink water from the plastic container or bottle. Let’s have a look:
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Effects of harmful substances:
This is nothing new to you that plastic contains harmful chemicals. Thus, the water gets easily washed out with those chemicals in the plastic bottles. Moreover, water produces substances like arsenic, fluoride, aluminium etc which are poisonous to our body. If you drink water from the plastic bottle which is kept for a long time, it will definitely harm your health.

The risk of Dioxin production:
You know that Plastic melts in the hot environment. But unconsciously we keep the bottle in the sunlight which might be harmful to the body. Not only this, we keep plastic bottles sometimes inside the car which is super harmful. The cars get heated up during summers. Hence, heating provokes the plastic to get melt and release the toxin called Dioxin. This substance can accelerate breast cancer.

Why It Is Harmful To Drink Water From The Plastic Bottles
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Chances of a Liver problem and reduces sperm count:
Drinking water from the plastic bottles may lead to liver problems. Moreover, it can effectively reduce the sperm count. This happens because plastic bottle releases chemical called phthalates. This harmful chemical is efficient in doing certain mishaps in a human body. (Also Read: Four Different Types Of Water To Wash Face Properly)

Impact on the immune system:
Yes! It affects our immune system too. When the chemical releases from the plastic bottles to the water it tends to disturb our body’s immune system. You may tend to catch cold-cough and even jaundice, typhoid etc by just drinking water from the plastic bottles.

Fake Vitamin based bottled water:
There are many plastic bottle companies which claim that these bottles contain vitamins just to encourage the buyers. But, do not fall into the trap. You have to keep in mind that it carries health-harming additives like food dyes and high fructose corn syrup. This is more harmful to the body. (Also Read: Reasons behind drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up)

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