Habits that can make your teeth worse

habits that can make your teeth worse

Everyone wants white teeth because it makes your smile more attractive. But if your teeth look yellow then it may cause embarrassment for you too. There are many foods and drinks that cause yellowing in the upper part of the tooth and teeth begin to stain. To avoid problems like plaque and cavity, you need to take care of teeth because it can make teeth weak. Brushing daily does not only keep the teeth healthy, but it is beneficial for the health of the whole mouth. Many people have some habits which cause problems for teeth. (Also read: Why should one wear sunglasses even during winters)

Let’s know which are the habits which cause problems for teeth.

Consumption of carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks such as soda or energy drink are harmful to the health of teeth. It contains phosphoric acid which makes your teeth yellow and simultaneously causes the problem of plaque. Apart from this, there is also citric acid and sugar which promotes the problem of the cavity.

Ice consumption

Ice can damage your teeth. At the same time, it also triggers risk of teeth breakage. The consumption of ice can disturb your soft tissues and can also cause constant pain in your teeth. (Also read: What Are The Easy Ways To Get a Healthy Gut In Winter)

Sugar-rich foods

The sugar promotes bacteria and creates acids. These acids stick in tooth and cause plaque. In addition to this, there is a citric acid which causes decalcification and affects your teeth.

Tongue piercing

During tongue piercing, the metal pierced through metal cause problems for teeth. Apart from this, the metal can also spoil your gums. There are many bacteria in the mouth that cause infections and swelling.

Opening objects with teeth

Opening a bottle or a plastic packet with teeth can be harmful to the health of your teeth. Because this can increase the teeth breakage and also promote bacteria growth in your mouth.(Also read: Foods that help you fight bacteria and germs)

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