What are the habits that can help you to improve your digestion

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What are the habits that can help you to improve your digestion

Digestion is one of the most important systems of the body. One needs to have a good digestion in order to stay healthy and fit. However, this one system creates a maximum problem in the human body. The improper bowel movement and the problem in the gut cause improper digestion. Besides this, we all have certain habits that make our digestion poor. Lack of digestive juices also causes hindrance to the digestion process. Thus, we should make sure to have some healthy habits in order to get rid of the poor digestive system. Let’s discuss how can we improve our digestion. (Also read: What are the foods you must eat during a common cold)

What are the habits that can help you to improve your digestion?

One must sit down and then eat: People often do not realise the importance of sitting while eating. Thus, make sure, while you eat you are seated. Do not be in hurry. Take out 15 minutes to have a proper meal. When you are in rush, you walk and eat, it does no good to your body. In fact, devote those 15 minutes to yourself and your meal. Keep aside your phone and turn off your television. You should concentrate properly on your meal.

Chew your food properly: Many of us lack this practice of chewing the food. We just gulp it down and swallow it without chewing the bites. However, this is one of the most unhealthy practice. It is advised to chew your food properly. On an average, it is believed to chew every bite around 25 to 30 times to have a healthy digestion. (Also read: What are the surprising benefits of applying coconut oil in belly button at night)

Avoid eating too much junk and unhealthy food: There are certain food items that initiate the problem of bloating and gas in the stomach. Peas, dairy products, diet soda, beans etc. are some of the foods that cause irritation. Try to avoid them as much as you can. It may lead to acidity, gas, constipation etc. Besides this, avoid eating junk food too. They cause inflammation and make your digestion system worse.

Don’t drink while you eat: Most of us have this habit of drinking while we eat. Drinking water right after the food or while having our meal is one of the worst habits. It affects our appetite and also dilutes the acid our stomach produces. These acids help to digest food. Eventually, lack of these juices make affects our digestion system.

Never eat right before you go to bed: Taking heavy meals right before the bed is not at all healthy. Food takes time to get digested. It not only hinders the process of digestion but also disrupts your sleep. Thus, one must take light meals if at all required. There should be a gap of 2-3 hours between your dinner and your sleeping time.(Also read: What are the probable reasons for unexpected bruises on your skin)

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