Fruit combinations: What fruit combinations are the best for your health

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Best Fruit combinations that work best together

Fruit combinations that work best together

Fruits are foods that are digested easily and are rich in nutrients. Due to the abundance of nutrients, it is beneficial for the body to consume fruits. Fruits filled with antioxidants are rich in phytonutrients, due to which it is beneficial to include them in their diet. If you consume some fruits together, then your body gets many important vitamins and mineral at the same time. By consuming some fruits together, their taste also increases and your body gets rid of the toxins so that your metabolism boosts you from being infected with diseases. So let’s talk about the fruits that you should eat together. (Also read: Dried Fruits or Fresh Fruits – Which one is better to eat)

Fruit combinations that work best together

  • Apple, avocado and banana
  • Orange and watermelon
  • Guava, Papaya and Kiwi
  • Figs, red grapes, pomegranate

Apple, avocado and banana
Apple protects you from asthma and diabetes. Along with this, there are flavonoids and pectin which helps to clear the liver. That’s where the avocado contains a sufficient amount of fibre, as well as monosaccharide fats that help in the removal of cholesterol. Along with this banana is the source of potassium and folic acid. Bananas contain vitamin B6, fibre and 105 calories that help in improving immunity.  (Also read: Which fruits help to reduce belly fat)

Orange and watermelon
Orange is a citrus fruit that helps in the problem of chest infection and kidney stones in kidneys. At the same time, watermelon contains glutathione which helps in boosting immunity. In the same way, consuming oranges and melons together has many health benefits.

Guava, Papaya and Kiwi

Fruit combinations that work best together
Fruit combinations that work best together: Guava, Papaya and Kiwi

Vitamin C is the result of these three fruits. Guava has dietary fibres, it leads to better bowel movements and helps in providing relief from constipation. Then there is carotene in the papaya, which helps keep the eyes healthy. Kiwi has many nutrients that help make your body healthy.  (Also read: What Is The Right Time To Eat Fruits)

Figs, red grapes, pomegranate
These foods contain high amounts of antioxidant and disease-fighting compounds that protect the body from free radicals. Pomegranate contains high amounts of antioxidants which protect the skin from free radicals, while red grapes contain lutein which protects the eyes from the effects of UV rays.

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The body can be kept healthy by consuming some fruits together. It is beneficial for health. Read this article in Hindi.

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