Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Digestive Problem

Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Digestive Problem

The digestive problem occurs when you have difficulty in getting food digested. The problem of digestion accompanies the pain and uneasiness which is awful. Indigestion can go to an extreme level and may cause you an extreme headache besides nausea and bloating. There are certain foods which may not suit your body also, there are many foods which you should never eat if acidity clutches you often. Below mentioned is the list of foods which you must never consume when suffering from digestion problem.

Dairy Products:

You can find milk and other dairy products hard to digest when you are suffering from digestion problem. The milk has lactose ( the sugar found in milk), which does not get digested properly among people who have lactose intolerance. Hence, they tend to suffer more from indigestion if they consume milk. Eating curd and hard cheese is fine as they lack lactose content.


Consumption of beans or legumes causes gas because of the presence of sugar in it termed as an oligosaccharide. However, after eating beans, the condition of gas becomes severe for those who already have digestive issues. These foods do not break down easily in the body.

Nuts and Seeds:

The presence of roughage and phytic acid in nuts and seeds can increase your digestion problem. Moreover, the packed nuts may have hydrogenated trans fats which are also not good for health.

Fried Foods:

The fried food takes longer to get digested and remain in the body for long. The fried foods are also low in fibre which does not get digested easily and move in the body making you feel fuller and stomach bloated. Thus, avoid fried food to stay away from indigestion uneasiness.

Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods can give you heartburn and may also not suit to your body when you have indigestion. You may feel nausea and vomiting after intake of spicy foods. Thus, avoid eating spicy foods if you are suffering from digestion problems.

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