Foods to reduce excess acid present in the stomach

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foods reduce excess acid present stomach

Our stomach contains natural acids that break down food and also protects gastrointestinal tract from infections. But due to excessive acid in the stomach, there is uneasiness. Apart from this, it causes pain in the stomach and also many health problems. Sometimes the acids present in the stomach also causes diseases such as heartburn and ulcer. This problem occurs when the acid present in the stomach reaches in your food pipe. But there are many nutritious food items that can solve this problem. (Also read: What are the things you must never lie to your doctor about)

Let’s know which foods are better to reduce the excess acid present in the stomach.


Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps in eliminating stomach problems and also fixes the gastrointestinal condition. Apart from this, it also helps to get rid of the excessive stomach acid and helps to reduce its symptoms.


Oatmeal contains high amounts of fibre which absorbs acid present in the stomach and reduces acidity symptoms. Fiber reduces the problem of constipation, improves intestinal health, and helps in keeping the stomach full for a long time. (Also read: What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast)


The calcium found in milk is an alkaline mineral which neutralizes the acid. Calcium found in milk is very effective in reducing stomach acid. If you are suffering from this problem, taking a glass of milk is a better option for you.

Raw salad

Raw salad is naturally alkaline and is also beneficial for problems associated with the stomach. Eating salad reduces abdominal acidity. Apart from this, it also prevents the production of extra acid in the stomach.

Olive oil

Olive oil relieves the problem of heart burning and also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving stomach upset and inflammation. Apart from this, it also helps in fighting stomach acids. (Also read: Which foods contain more protein than eggs)

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