Which foods most of the people eat in a wrong way

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Which foods most of the people eat in a wrong way

Eating foods wrongly: It is essential to eat the foods in the right manner to gain the maximum nutrition.

Eating food in a wrong way: Nowadays people are aware of eating healthy and nutritious food. But not many people know the right way of eating the food. It is shocking to know that we all are eating some major foods in the wrong way. It is important to eat healthy and that too in the right way. We lose the nutritious value of the food if it is consumed in an inappropriate manner. Not every food need to be boiled, peeled and steamed to be eaten. Thus, you all must be aware of the right way to eat the healthy foods, so that you can gain the maximum nutritious value from them. Listed below are some of the food items, we all have been eating wrong. (Also read: What are the different food combinations we should avoid)

Foods that we have been eating in a wrong and unhealthy way

  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Meat
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains

Most of us believe that boiling vegetables is the best way to eat them. However, this is a myth. When we boil the vegetables, we lose all their nutritious value in the water. Thus, what we eat as boiled, is nothing but plain food. However, if we steam the veggies, they retain their nutritional value in them and are healthy to eat. So, the next time you eat veggies, steam them instead of boiling them.


Which foods we are eating in a wrong way
Eating foods in a wrong way: Apples should not be peeled off before eating.

Fruits like apples and bananas are the most common fruits. Most of us peel off the apple before eating it. However, this is the worst thing. We should eat apples raw with the peel on it. It contains fibre and nutrition in an adequate amount. Bananas, on the other hand, should be paired with some kind of peanut or almond butter. The fat thus helps to control the level of sugar in the fruit. (Also read: Foods Which Wreck Your Health If You Consume Them In The Wrong Hours)

cooking meat on the very high temperature spoils the goodness of the meat. The protein present in the meat becomes hazardous to health when cooked at high temperature. It is always best to cook meat, seafood, poultry etc, on low temperature after marinating them.


Which foods are eaten in the wrong way
Eating foods wrongly: Nuts must be soaked properly before eating them to have maximum nutrients.

Nuts contain anti-nutrients called lectins in them. It prevents the nuts from being easily digested. Thus, when we eat nuts as they are, we don’t get the maximum nutritious value from them. To have it in a healthy way, one must soak the nuts before eating them and should dry them before consumption. It will help your body to absorb the nutrients in the right manner.

Whole grains
Whole grains are healthy and an important part of our meal. But if not soaked they do the reverse. Never cook the whole grains directly without soaking. Whole grains are loaded with antioxidants called, phytates which restricts the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Thus, one must soak the whole grains overnight and then cook them to be consumed. It will help the body in the better absorption of nutrients and will help you to have a healthy digestive system. (Also read: Which Foods Turn Toxic When They Are Cooked)

These are some broad categories of foods that we all have been eating wrongly. So, the next time you eat these foods, remember to eat them properly. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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