What foods one must consume after having antibiotics

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Foods you must have after having antibiotics

Amazing Foods you must have after having antibiotics

Sometimes the human body suffers from bacterial infections. The antibiotics are supplements which protect the body from bacterial infection. They help to prevent infection and also prevent it from spreading. But these antibiotics also have side-effects. They might even lead to damage to your liver. Antibiotics negatively affect bacteria and microbes present in the intestine. After consuming antibiotics, you can reduce its effect by consuming some foods. These foods make sure that you don’t suffer from any major side-effect after the consumption of antibiotics. So let us tell you about foods that should be consumed after antibiotics. (Also read: What to do when you have a low acid level in the stomach)

Foods after antibiotics

  • Curd
  • Almond
  • Cocao
  • Garlic
  • Red wine


Must have Foods after antibiotics
The curd is the food to have after having antibiotics

Basically, the curd is a probiotic food, which is why it is beneficial to eat it after antibiotics. Firstly, the curd is made from milk. Probiotics bacteria are used in this fermentation process. There are many bacteria in it that are amazing for the gut bacteria. That is why consuming curd is beneficial after consuming antibiotics. (Also read: How curd helps to get a glowing and bright skin)

Almond consumption helps the body to increase the level of the beneficial gut bacteria in it. So, after eating almonds, the body’s ability to fight virus increases. (Also read: Health benefits of consuming soaked almonds daily)

Cocoa has polyphenol antioxidant that shows a prebiotic effect on group bacteria. Therefore, intake of cocoa after consumption of antibiotics is beneficial. (Also read: Morning Food: Most refreshing foods to have to stay energized and awake)

Garlic is also a prebiotic food that can be consumed after antibiotics. Prebiotics are the non-digestible carbs which help in the growth of probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract. So, it a great food to after having antibiotics. (Also read: How Garlic Milk Is Good For Health)

Red wine
Red wine contains polyphenol antioxidants which cannot be digested through cells. They can only digest healthy group bacteria. So, intake of red wine increases the intake of bifidobacteria in the intestine.

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So, to avoid the side effects of antibiotics, you need to eat some foods after its intake. Read this article in Hindi as well.


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