Which Foods You Should Never Cook In An Iron Pan

Which Foods You Should Never Cook In An Iron Pan

In India, there is hardly any house where people do not use iron pans to cook. In fact, most of us, prefer cooking in iron pans after ‘Kadhai’. We prefer cooking some of the foods on iron pan only because of its size, usefulness and a good ability to fry foods. But, do you know, using cast iron pan can be dangerous for you? Yes! It can be possible when it comes to cooking certain foods. You will be shocked if you know about these foods which we generally cook in the iron pad as we do it quite often. Hence, have a look at the following and know which food we should never cook in cast iron pan. (Also Read: What Does Your Home Say About Your Health)

Many of us like to cook desserts in cast iron pans as it proves itself to be a great option to cook delicious desserts. But, it is always good to avoid cooking dessert in an iron pan. The main reason is if you cook savoury foods in your pan, it absorbs the residual flavours and transforms it into the other foods you are going to cook. That is why while cooking any dessert, this savoury taste spoils the dessert.

Is your iron pan is a little rusted? If yes, then you should definitely avoid cooking omelettes. These egg dishes usually stick to the pan while removing it. So, it can easily take out these rusts which are making your food ugly and poisonous. So, you should either bring a new clean pan or avoid cooking egg items in it. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Get Your Lost Energy Back)

Tomato puree and juice:
Tomatoes are acidic. So, it can actually damage the seasoning applied above the iron pan. So, this can make your iron pan hardly usable. Furthermore, tomato puree can become a little metallic. So, no point of making tomato puree when it tastes metallic.

Wine or vinegar braised meats:
When you cook anything in an iron pan, it makes your food perfectly seasoned. The acid can leach small amounts of metal into your food, giving it an off-taste. So, either you cook wine or vinegar based food in any other frying pan or you should avoid making food in it.

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