Foods to Never Wash: Which foods must not be washed before cooking

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Never wash this food: One must never wash certain food products before cooking.

Foods to Never Wash: Since our very childhood, we are taught that we must wash the food products we eat before eating them. Thus, we wash every single thing before cooking and eating. This is done to ensure that the dust and bacteria get washed off from the food. Though this is a healthy practice it might be harmful in some cases. There are certain food products which we must never wash before cooking. Washing them leads to the spread of bacteria and they become harmful. Thus, we must not wash these foods before cooking. (Also read: What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning)

Foods we must never wash: Which food items one must never wash before cooking?

  • Eggs
  • Pasta
  • Mushrooms
  • Packed salad


which foods one must never wash before eating
One must never wash the eggs before cooking or eating them.

The bacteria present in the egg is already washed and cleaned. After that, the mineral oil is applied to the eggs to supply them safely to the stores. Thus, there is no need to wash the eggs. Washing egg might lead to cross connection.

There is natural starch in pasta which mingles with the sauce while cooking. If you wash the pasta before cooking, the starch also washes off and the taste of the pasta spoils.


Which are the foods we must never wash before cooking
Foods to never wash: One must never wash mushrooms before cooking.

Never make the mistake of washing the mushrooms you buy from the market. Refrigerating the washed mushrooms lead to the danger of spoiling them. Besides this, washing the mushrooms soils their creamy texture and the taste spoils. So, it is better to towel clean them with a paper or towel.

Packed salad
The salad is cleaned properly before packing it and eventually, there is no need to wash it again. This product is ready to use. Washing them again can lead to the spread of bacteria.

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These are some of the food products we must never wash before using them or cooking them. You can also read this article in Hindi too.

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