Foods and drinks that drain your energy level

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foods drinks drain energy level

There are many reasons for feeling tired throughout the day. The reason may be illness, unhealthy diet and inadequate sleep. These factors are responsible for the energy level of the body. Out of these, diet is the most important factor for the energy. If you consume unhealthy diet then you may feel exhausted throughout the day. It necessary to consume healthy food to keep the energy level of a body high through the entire day. Moreover, you must be aware of the food which drains your energy so that you can avoid such food items. (Also read: What Are The Causes Of Acid Reflux)

Let’s discuss the food which drains your energy and makes you tired.

White Bread, Pasta and Rice
White bread contains processed grains which are harmful to your energy level. In the processed grain the fibre-containing layer, known as bran, is removed while processing. The processed grains creates a quick rise in blood sugar level and drains your energy.

foods drinks drain energy level
Alcohol is popular for its relaxing effect. The consumption of a small amount of alcohol with dinner helps you to get sound sleep. Ironically, this is wrong. The consumption of alcohol may reduce the quality of sleep and wakes you up being tired in the morning. Moreover, it depends on the quantity of alcohol you consume.

Energy Drinks
The energy drinks are quite beneficial for the short-term energy boost. These drinks are harmful in the long term as they contain added sugar. These drinks provide you instant energy but if you consume these drinks frequently then you may feel tired before consuming the energy drink. (Also read: What Are The Alarming Reasons For Sweating When You Are Cold)

Low-Calorie Foods
The majority of people believe that consuming low-calorie food is a healthier choice. Ironically, if you add too much of low-calorie food in your diet then may you consume insufficient numbers of calorie, which can drastically reduce your energy level.

foods drinks drain energy level
Coffee has many health benefits if it is consumed in a controlled manner. It also boosts your energy level. If you drink excess coffee it may backfire you and reduce your energy level. (Also read: What to eat in the breakfast that you do not feel hungry till lunch)

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