What are the foods that are difficult to digest

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foods difficult digest

Some people think that whatever they consume have a good effect on their body or their body is able to digest all kinds of food without any problems. Although this is not right. Our body is a system that requires a healthy diet to work properly. So if you take a healthy diet then it has a good effect on your body because your digestive system easily digests that food. Similarly, if you eat unhealthy food, then your digestive system is unable to digest food easily, and it has a bad effect also appears on your body. There are some foods that your digestive system needs to work very hard to digest. (Also read: What Are The Warning Signs That Say Your Appendix Might Burst)

Let’s know about these foods.

Ice Cream

Due to high-fat content and dairy products, ice cream is the most non-digestible food item. Its intake causes cramping, bloating, and deficiency problems. Therefore their intake may be heavy on your digestive system.

Citrus Drinks

Vitamin C is supplied with the intake of citrus drinks, but their consumption can damage oesophagus because they contain high amounts of citrus acids. They should not eat the problem of acid reflux. (Also read: What are the natural ways to detox your lungs)

Wheat, barley, mustard and other grains
foods difficult digest
Grains like wheat, barley, mustard have an excess amount of gluten. It is a protein that digestion system needs to work harder to digest. Such grains are found in bread, pasta, baked products, beer etc.

Fatty foods

Consumption of fatty foods creates contractions in digestive tract due to which you may have problems with deficiency and constipation.

Fried Foods

Fried Foods is the same as fatty foods. The amount of fibre in fried foods is low, due to which your digestive system cannot digest it or digest in late.

Processed foods
foods difficult digest
Processed foods contain high amounts of preservatives, artificial calories, sugar, additives, fats, salt etc. The consumption of processed foods such as cake, chips, candy etc. affect your bowel movements and you may have a problem with deficiency. (Also read: Why you should always cook at home instead of eating out)

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