What are the foods that cause gastric problems

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foods cause gastric problems

The dysfunction of the digestive system causes gastric problems. People feel shy to disclose this problem. The problem occurs due to the extra secretion of acid in the gastric gland of the stomach. Along with this, there is a problem occurs if the food is not digested properly in the small intestine. When you consume more quantity of fibre foods, it produces more gastric problems. Along with this, consuming certain foods can cause gastric problems. It is, therefore, better to consume these foods in small amounts. (Also read: Which drinks are helpful to reduce the problems caused by junk food)

Let’s know about these foods.


Apple is a sorbitol fruit. It means the apple contains natural sugar. It is found in many fruits. Some people’s body is unable to absorb this sugar, which causes the problem of gas and bloating. Due to this, children may also have diarrhoea problems.

Dairy Products

Lactose is a sugar that is found in milk and many dairy products. Lactose is not digested due to the people who do not produce the lactase enzyme properly. Due to the digestibility of lactose, the gas begins to grow. (Also read: What are the side effects of consuming excess fibre rich food)


By consuming foods containing fibre in breakfast, you feel that you have a full stomach for the whole day. But if you add the extra quantity of fibre to your breakfast then you feel uncomfortable in the stomach. Nutritious intake for the body is good but the excess of everything is more harmful. Oatmeal contains high amounts of fibre, which can cause gas problems, so consume it in limited quantity.


Mango is a fruit which contains more fructose than glucose, which causes the body to absorb fructose problems. There may be the pain in the stomach as well.


Soda and other carbonated drinks contain a high amount of air. When the air goes into the digestive system then it has to get out from the body. It also causes burp and body also increase the production of gas. To reduce the problem of gas, tea or water should be replaced instead of soda. (Also read: Which healthy habits you should follow from your 20s to stay fit)

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