Five food items that you should never reheat

food items that you should never reheat

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It is always better to have fresh foods. The freshly prepared food is better than reheated food but it is not always the case. Some people are very busy with their lives and they hardly get time to eat the fresh food. Therefore, many people prefer to eat reheated food only. However, there are few items that you should never ever reheat as reheating destroys the food’s nutrients. The main propose of food is to nourish the body, but if you reheat some food item then they actually can harm you. Therefore you should be careful when you decide to reheat your food. (Also read: Why should you never fall asleep right after dinner)

Eggs are always freshly prepared, the reason behind it is to protect it from bacteria. When you reheat the egg you give bacterias a chance to attack the food. This makes the egg unsafe for consumption.

Oil is a strict no on the list of food you should never reheat. Many people have the bad habit of reusing the same oil for cooking. However, it is very bad for your health. When you use oil for frying, you break its structure. If you reheat it then it turns into a toxic thing called HNE. HNE or 4-hydroxy-2-trans-nonenal is kind of bad cholesterol. (Also read: What is your tongue telling about your health)

Rice is another food that should never be reheated. It contains naturally occurring bacteria. When you try to reheat it, then these bacterias get active again. These bacterias can cause serious health related problems.

Everyone’s favourite food can turn into a breeding ground for diseases like E.coli or Salmonella if you keep reheating it. Chicken’s meat is prone to bacterial infection. The chance of bacterial attack increases when you reheat the chicken.

Spinach is a very nutritious and beneficial for health. However, it is a nitrate vegetable. Therefore when you reheat the spinach it destroys the nutrition of the vegetables. This makes the worthless. (Also read: Why do you feel thirsty all the time)

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