What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health

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What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health

We hardly care about our feet. If we feel warm, we understand that we have a fever. If we sneeze or a cough, we know that we have a cold and flu. Like these symptoms, our feet also shows us various signs which indicates that we have serious or mild health issues. You may feel surprised about knowing this, but that is the truth. In fact, there are many diseases which start showing their initial symptoms by reacting on our feet. Hence, here we have come up with various things which your feel tell you. Hope this article will help you to know about your health conditions. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Suggests Lungs Failure)

Your feet are cold:
Except for winters, if your feet are remaining cold always, you are maybe at a risk of health issues. You may have very disturbing blood flow. Other than that, you may have a circulatory problem sometimes linked to smoking, high blood pressure, or heart disease. Sometimes, doctors diagnose that you may have hypothyroidism and anaemia. These are the possible reasons for having cold feet most of the time.

Foot sole pain:
Many times, you may feel that you are having foot pain. But, if this pain is getting excessive and restricts walking and standing, it suggests something serious. You may have pain on your heels because of those high heel shoes. If you can not even walk then you might have a small crack in a foot bone. (Also Read: Reasons behind drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up)

Clubbed toes:
Clubbed toes are nothing but the shape of your nails on the feet. When this happens, the nails are more rounded on the top and curve downward. Many people face this foot problem. This can happen because of your heart problems which are gradually growing up. Other than that, you may have a liver problem, digestive disorders, certain skin and bacterial infection.

Swelling of your feet:
Swollen feet is something experienced by almost everyone around us. This happens mostly if you stand for too long. Pregnancy also causes swollen feet. But, if your feet are getting swollen most of the time, you may seek medical attention. A kidney disorder or underactive thyroid can also cause swelling of your feet.

Feet sores that do not heal faster:
Foot sores that will not heal can be a sign of major health problem. Diabetes is the most common and highly relatable disease responsible for this. High blood sugar makes your wounds worse that even a simple blister can become a troublesome wound. These sores can make your wounds worse and can cause various infections. (Also Read: What Are The Signs Say That You Have Too Many Toxins In Your Body)

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