Why do you feel hungry even after a meal

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Why do you feel hunger even after a meal

You must have noticed that sometimes you feel hungry even when you had your share of the meal. There are many possible reasons for the same. Your body needs a lot of things to feel full, things like fibre, proteins etc. If your meal fails to be full of these things then you might feel hungry after having the meal as well. It can also happen if you end up having snacks instead of having a proper meal. Lack of physical activities and unhealthy lifestyle choice can also lead to this problem! So, let’s find out what these possible reasons are. (Also read: What are the common health issues you should never neglect)

Not having enough fibre
Fibre is extremely important to maintain the health of your body and have healthy bowel movements. The fibre rich foods help in making you feel full for a long time. If your food is not rich in the fibre then you end up feeling hungry right after the meal. So, make sure that your meal is full of fibre.

Consumption of soda
If you consume soda with your meals than you end up feeling hungry even after having the food. The soda or any other sugar-based drink contains fructose. The fructose impacts the hunger hormone named grelina that makes you feel hungry.  (Also read: Why sitting too much is bad for your health)

Gulping the food quickly
When you keep gulping down the food instead of eating properly, then your brain thinks that it has not consumed enough food. It is important to eat well and chew properly so that you feel full after the meal.

Not having breakfast properly
If you have breakfast that is full of sugar content or not having enough breakfast then you feel hungry constantly. Sugar based food impact insulin level in the body. So, have high calorie and protein-based food in the breakfast. (Also read: What are the common myths related to smoking)

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