Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times

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Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times

Feeling dizzy and little faint is a common concern of many people. People usually wonder the reason behind feeling unconsciousness and dizziness. Though there is nothing too serious behind the feeling of fainting. But it is actually necessary to know the reasons behind the dizziness. Dizziness could either be because of certain reasons like an injury, heatstroke, dehydration, overstress, lack of sleep etc. Thus, it is mandatory for you to find the real cause behind the lightheadedness. Besides this, if you have a problem of fainting or feeling unconscious then you must stay alert and be a little more conscious about it. Here are some of the reasons why do you feel dizzy. (Also read: What is the right time to drink water)

Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times?

Dehydration: Dehydration is the worst condition, as it not only makes you feel dizzy but harms you in multiple ways. Our body needs to stay hydrated. Thus, we must drink plenty of fluids. It helps to regulate the blood pressure, initiates the healthy flow of blood in the body. Thus, drink enough water and eat something after a short interval of time.

Low blood pressure: Fluctuation in the level of blood pressure is common. A sudden drop in the level of blood pressure can be because of various reasons. Our age, lifestyle, eating habits, stress etc. may contribute to shifting the range of our blood pressure. Thus, keep your blood pressure in proper check. (Also read: How to get rid of laziness with some simple tricks)

Low blood sugar: When the level of sugar drops in the blood, our body lacks energy. It leads to confusion and feeling of unconsciousness. So, stay hydrated and drink a glass of juice to restore the energy level in the body. You can also eat a candy or a chocolate. However, keep your blood sugar level in check.

Heart stroke or heart attack: At times, lightheadedness or fainting might be because of heart trouble. Chest pain, falling short of breath, pain in left arm, dropping of jaw etc. are some signs that come along with fainting. It may make you numb, weak and visually unclear. You really need to ask for emergency help in such a case.

Intoxication: Due to over-consumption of alcohol, cigarette and other intoxicants, you often feel dizzy. You feel out of your senses at times and also become numb. Thus, it is advisable to always limit your intake of alcohol and consume it at a safe place. (Also read: Healthy ways to detox your body in just 30 minutes)

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