Fat deficiency: Signs you need to consume more fat

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Signs you need to consume more fat

Warming signs you need to consume more fat

It is important to eat fat to stay healthy. Every nutrient intake is necessary for overall wellness of the body. Despite this people do not consume dietary fat, while consuming non-fat dairy products like egg white part is considered right. Due to low fat intake in the body, you face many problems like indigestion, irregularity of blood sugar etc. It is also important to consume the right amount of fat to avoid health problems. The body needs important fats such as linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid as the body is not able to produce them on their own. Thus it is necessary to consume fat. When you do not eat the right amount of fat, it can be visible due to the help of some signs. So let us know about the signs that you are not consuming the right amount of fat. (Also read: Vitamin K deficiency: Signs that suggests that you are not getting enough vitamin K)

Signs you need to eat more fat

  • You can’t lose any more weight
  • Constantly hungry
  • Lack of energy
  • Dry and dull skin
  • Poor digestion

You can’t lose any more weight

Signs you need to eat more fat
Eat fat: You can’t lose weight without healthy fat

Fat consumption is important for weight loss. You feel less hungry when you consume the fat and lower down your carbohydrate intake. By consuming polyunsaturated fatty acids, metabolic rate increases, which helps in burning calories. (Also read: What are the reasons that you are not losing weight despite the low carb diet)

Constantly hungry
Consuming a high amount of carbohydrates in form of foods like white bread and pasta will make you hungry after an hour. It raises the level of blood sugar. However, when you consume healthy fat, you feel full and there is no constant craving for food. (Also read: Why do you feel hungry even after a meal)

Lack of energy
High intake of carbohydrate increases the level of your blood sugar, which reduces energy in the body. But when you consume fat instead of just carbohydrate, the fat slows down the digestion, which improves insulin sensitivity and the level of blood sugar remains balanced. (Also read: 5 minutes energy boost: Ways to perk up your energy in just five minutes)

Dry and dull skin

Signs you need to consume more fat
Dull and dry sign is a sign of fat deficiency

The skin becomes dry due to lack of fatty acids. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins that help to regulate the skin lubrication. But when you reduce the fat intake then your skin turns lifeless and dull. (Also read: How to use honey for dry skin)

Poor digestion
If you keep consuming too many proteins but no fats then, you have problems with digestion. This is caused by the consumption of harmful bacteria.

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Fat consumption is also important. If you do not consume it, then some signs start to appear on your body. Read this article in Hindi.


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