Fashion trends that can harm your health in the worst possible manner

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Health problems caused by fashion trends

There are many health problems caused by fashion trends

People of all ages and cultures like to follow the current fashion trends. With the change in times, people change their fashion sense as well. They buy clothes, shoes etc according to it. However, sometimes in following the trends they end up harming their own health. The obsession with try new designer dress and styles can threaten your health. So, it is important to know what are the things related to fashion that can harm your health. (Also read: What are the strange things that can send you to the hospital)

Health problems caused by fashion trends

  • Tight jeans
  • Heavy neckpieces and earrings
  • Wearing a tie
  • Using large bags
  • Flip flops

Tight jeans

Health problems caused by fashion trends
Tight jeans can cause many health problems

The trend of tight jeans is really in fashion right. However, wearing it can be tough on your health. It restricts the blood circulation, leads to an expansion of the nerves and slow digestion.

Heavy neckpieces and earrings

Health problems caused by fashion trends
Heavy earrings and neck piece can cause health problems

Heavy neckpieces and earrings can harm your ears and your neck. They push your earlobes and neck down and due to which the piercing of the earlobes is stretched. Excess of this can lead to serious medical issues. (Also read: Which myths are ruining your health)

Wearing a tie
Just like women, men everywhere are concerned about their style as well. They invest their money in their clothes like shirts and ties. However, they miss on the fact that wearing a tie leads to a restriction in the blood circulation. Other than this it puts pressure on your Intraocular which limits your neck movement.

Using large bags
The large bags actually harm your body. The straps of the bag harm your shoulders. This is because of the strain they case. It affects your posture or neck, head or back pain.

Flip flops
Many people like to wear flip-flop in the summer season, but it is actually not safe for the wearer. It leads to increased chances of a foot infection. This footwear leads to scratches on the feet and them area becomes easy infected. So, it is advisable to avoid them. (Also read: What are the causes of the upper back pain)

So be careful with these fashion trend. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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