Facts One Must Know About Sinus Infection

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Facts One Must Know About Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is something suffered by many people. As this disease is very common people have many misconceptions regarding this. Not only the misconceptions, people do a wrong treatment of this infection. Many of us think sinus is a disease. Wherein, sinus is a place surrounding our nose which gets infected and brings a lot of disturbance like, headache, coughing, cold, sneezing, nose blockage etc. Many people ask a lot of questions about sinus just to get the right information. That is why we have come up with some important facts about sinus infection that everybody should be well aware of. Hope this helps. (Also Read: What Does Your Poop Colour Say About Your Health)

How does it feel when there is a sinus infection?
Sinus infection is an annoying health issue. When it occurs, one can feel like feverish with a congested nose and a heavy head. Other than that, yellow or green nasal discharge and facial pain and pressure are there all the time. In few cases, one can feel pain in teeth as well. But above of all, the headache comes first even if none of these symptoms turns up.

What is the difference a between a sinus infection and cold:
If you get cold, it may last for 4-7 days. After that, you will feel better. But if you once get a sinus infection, it will not go away this soon. The symptoms of cold and cough will last for almost 10-15 days. However, the symptoms will get reduced afterwards but the infection will stay for a long time. Many people suffer sinus infection from their childhood. When the infection gets worse, the symptoms start appearing more and more. (Also Read: Why Do We Always Need To Pee At The Middle Of The Night)

Is sinus infection is contagious?
In most the cases it does not spread. If you are suffering from cold, cough, headache, fever and other symptoms like this, it may be contagious. This is so because you may not know the symptoms are the of cold or sinus infection. Until the time your nose is running and you are falling sick it is contagious, but once the virus turns into a sinus infection, it is not contagious.

When does this infection come from and how can you prevent it?
The sinus infection usually happens through the virus. When we get cold, it gradually turns into an infection if your immunity is low. Not every cold virus effects sinus. It depends on person to person. Experts say that if the infection or inflammation does not get reduced after a few days it may become infected.

What Are the home remedies to get relief:
If you are having a sinus infection, you have to take a good care of yourself. If you begin to feel the symptoms you can start doing these amazing home remedies which work above of all. These are, steaming which will help the mucus to come up through your nasal pipes. Next Saline nose drops which will clear your nasal passage and finally, gargle if the infection is affecting your throat. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Suggests Lungs Failure)

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