What are the facts about body temperature we all must know

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What are the facts about body temperature we all must know

We all are well aware that the normal body temperature of the human being is 98.6 degrees. Any rise or drop in the level of body temperature suggests a lot about our health. Sometimes, in certain cases, the normal body temperature may vary between 97.8 degrees to 99 degrees. There are various factors responsible for determining the temperature of the body. Environmental factors, health issues, excessive workout etc. directly impact our body temperature. Besides this, the temperature of the body also varies depending on the age. Newborn babies have a higher temperature than that of the elder ones. Thus, one must be well aware of the fascinating facts that bring variations to the normal temperature of the body. (Also read: What are the foods one must eat to keep the lungs healthy)

What are the facts about body temperature we all must know?

Smoking raises the temperature of the body: When we smoke our body temperature rises up. The smoke of the cigarette enters lungs and make them hot. Eventually, due to heat, lungs fail to carry out their regular functioning. Though this rise in temperature is temporary or short-lived, yet there comes a change in the body temperature.

Cayenne pepper affects body temperature: People often use red pepper in their meals to add taste and flavour. However, very few people know that red pepper can impact the temperature of the body. According to a study it has been revealed that cayenne pepper raises the temperature of the body temporarily. (Also read: What are the signs that indicate one should stop consuming alcohol)

Sleep impacts the body temperature: Our sleep often affects the temperature of the body. When the skin is cool, a person is able to sleep better. Even a study, shows the link between the body temperature and insomnia both. However, when the body temperature is too high, it often disrupts the sleep.

Men and women have different body temperature:
The temperature of the body also gets affected according to your gender. Women are more likely to feel cold than that of men, according to a study. As a result, their tolerance power of the hot and cold also vary. Thus, their feet, hands, nose get cold faster than that of men.

Age also affects the body temperature: The age of the person also impacts the temperature of the body. As we grow old, the body temperature starts to decline than the normal, as the study says. Thus, while measuring fever of an older person, one must keep this in mind. (Also read: What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children)

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