Facts about blood clot: What are interesting facts about blood clots

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Blood clot can cause serious health problem

Facts about blood clot: Everybody should know about blood clot

The blood clot plays a vital role in the body. It plays the major role to prevent excessive blood during injury. Sometimes the blood occurs without requirement which is a serious problem. Oxygen flow can stop due to blood clots, which increases the risk of problems like heart attack and stroke. There are many reasons which cause unnecessary blood clots like of lack of physical activity, high blood pressure or sitting in one place for a long time. Sometimes the blood circulation in the body also hampers due to the blood clot. There are many other things that people do not know connected to the blood clot. (Also read: How to prevent the formation of blood clots)

Facts about blood clot: Things you must know about blood clots

  • Anyone can suffer from the blood clot
  • May cause heart attack
  • There are no subtle symptoms of the blood clot
  • Blood clots can be cured
  1. Anyone can suffer from the blood clot
    The formation of blood clot also depends on the daily routine. If your daily routine is not right or if you consume more oily foods or junk foods then the chances of having a blood clot increase. In this case, it can happen to anyone. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body)
  2. May cause heart attack
    Blood clot causes many serious health problem
    Facts about Blood Clot: Enhances the Risk of Heart Disease

    If blood clots begin to form in the arteries of the heart, then it does not allow oxygen or nutrients to reach the heart muscles, which increases the chances of heart attack. 85% of people have a stroke problem due to blood clotting. (Also read: What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly)

  3. There are no subtle symptoms of the blood clot
    In the lungs and nerves, blood clots do not show any symptoms. But due to having a blood clot in the legs and hands, there is swelling, pain, numbness and redness in that part.
  4. Blood clots can be cured
    People are less aware of the fact that they can be cured after the formation of a blood clot. 44 per cent of the people are not aware that a blood clot can be cured if it is formed.

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The occurrence of blood clots several times can be harmful to health. In this case, you need to know about everything related to it. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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