What are the factors that are making your bones weak

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What are the factors that are making your bones weak

Everyone needs stronger bones to carry out the day to day challenges of life. Any disturbance in any part of the body affects the overall health. A slight trouble in any organ can lead to a lot of hindrances and thus you suffer equally. So as the case with bones too. If the bones of your body turn weak, they lead to swelling, inflammation, pain and a lot of trouble. There are many factors responsible for making your bones weak. However, there are few habits and practices which we do every day that ultimately results in making our bones weak. So, if you have any of these habits you must get rid of them immediately and make your bones healthy and strong. (Also read: How is the usage of deodorant harmful to the body)

What are the factors that are making your bones weak?

Stress: When you are too much stressed out, the digestion system and the blood circulation of the body both suffer badly. It decreases the level of hydrochloride in the body. In order to produce calcium in the body, there is a need for hydrochloride too. Thus, the lack of it results in the weakness of bones.

Too much intake of protein: When you take too much of protein it lays a negative effect on the body. It makes the body absorb less calcium and make the bones weak. (Also read: What are the probable reasons for frequent pain in legs)

Too much consumption of sugar: Consumption of sugary drinks like packed juice, soft drinks, soda, pasta etc. leads to an excess level of sugar in the body. When you consume too much sugar in daily routine, it restricts the bones from taking necessary minerals. Thus, eventually, it turns the bones weak.

Improper digestion: If you have weak digestion, it can also be the probable reason for weak bones. When your digestion is bad, your body becomes unable to sustain necessary nutrients and minerals. This leads to making the bones weak.

Smoking and drinking: Too much consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarettes are both bad practices. They make the body internally weak as the body is unable to absorb calcium in it. As a result, the bones become weak.

Besides the above-mentioned points, lack of activity, gender and age are also responsible for making your bones weak. (Also read: What are the best fruits for a diabetic patient)

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