Excessive gas: Know the common causes of excessive gas

Know the causes of excessive gas.

It necessary to know about common causes of excessive gas, so you can avoid them and reduce the problem.

The formation of excessive gas in the stomach can cause problems and embarrassment for people. Also known as gastritis, the majority of people suffer from this health condition. The excessive gas in the stomach is caused by many reasons like consuming gastric foods such as beans, mushroom, broccoli, lentils and consuming foods rich in starch such as potato, pasta, noodles. To get rid of this problem people consume pills but the consumption of pills every time is not good for health. Moreover, there are some yoga poses which also provide relief from the problem. However, it necessary to know about common causes of excessive gas, so you can avoid them and reduce the problem. (Also read: Worst foods for dinner- Foods to avoid before going to the bed)

Common things which cause excessive gas in the stomach:

  • Swallowing air
  • Gastric Foods
  • Soda
  • Sweetened juice
  • Overeating
  1. Swallowing air
    Many people open mouth too wide and let the air enter inside while eating food or chewing gum. This cause excessive gas in the stomach. In this regard, avoid swallowing air too much.
  2. Gastric Foods
    There are some foods which are known for causing gas. The main gastric foods include lentils, starchy foods and dairy products. If these foods are causing accumulation of gas in the stomach then avoid them.
  3. Soda
    Excessive gas problem cause problem for people
    Soda cause excessive gas problem.

    Many people think that carbonated beverages provide relief to them during the excessive gas problem. But this is wrong, the carbonated drinks do not cure the problem but increase the gastric problem. To know more about diet soda click here.

  4. Sweetened juice
    The consumption of juice containing artificial sweeteners may lead to the gastric problems. Moreover, if the fresh juice is consumed after 30 minutes of preparation, the unhealthy bacteria develops in the juice and cause the excessive gas problem.
  5. Overeating

    Causes of excessive gas in stomach
    The overeating cause excessive gas in the stomach

    Overeating causes excessive gas in the stomach. It slow downs the digestion process and leads to accumulation of excessive gas in the stomach. Apart from this, you will also feel tired and sleepy during the breakdown process of food. (Also read: Deficiency of Iron: Important Foods To Get Rid Of Iron Deficiency)

Excessive gas in the stomach is a very common problem. It can trigger many health-related issues and also the reason for embarrassment. If this problem left untreated it may turn worse.

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