How does excess sugar harm our body

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How does excess sugar harm our body

We all crave for sugary foods like chocolate bars, sweets, candies, waffles etc. Also, the sudden desire to eat something sweet is understandable. But these sweet foods often harm our body in multiple ways. They just not only lead to diabetes but some other problems as well, which most of us don’t even know about. Soft drinks, fruit juice, energy drinks, certain fruits etc. are also harmful to our body. It leads to weight gain, diabetes, tooth decay. However, people still do not stop from consuming the sugary food products and drinks. They eventually fall prey to some major risky health issues. (Also read: What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning)

How does excess sugar harm our body?

Obesity: Obesity is one of the major risks that come along with the over-consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Especially in children, who crave for doughnuts, candies, junk food etc. They want to eat so much sweet and sugary products that it makes them obese at a very tender age. The recent cases of juvenile diabetes are growing massively.

Digestive problems: Too much of sugar damages your digestive tract especially your intestines. It even disturbs your bowel movement. This is because the sugar-rich food contains one such enzyme that kills the good bacteria in the colon which is responsible for proper digestion. It eventually leads to a problem like bloating, constipation, colon diseases. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of onion peels)

Premature ageing: Too much consumption of sweet and sugary products, leads to premature ageing. It damages the skin, leads to hair fall, wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Our skin and hair often get damaged when we follow some unhealthy lifestyle. Excess sugary and junk foods spoil the health of our skin in the worst way possible.

Liver trouble: Sugar molecules damage the liver in the worst manner. These molecules are very hard to be broken down into smaller particles. This eventually makes the liver do extra efforts. As a result, it gets damaged and also leads to many liver-related issues.

Dementia: We all know that excess consumption of sugar often makes our memory power weak. It affects our brain directly and hampers our concentration power. So, as we age further, we become a victim of dementia. The sugary and sweet food contains enzymes which lead to the building up of proteins in the brain. After we age, this excess protein buildup makes us a suffer from dementia. (Also read: What are the signs that you are drinking contaminated water)

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