What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics

What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics

We eat a lot of food every day. Some foods have various health benefits. By eating those foods, we get a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins etc. But do you ever think about those foods which provide antiseptic benefits to your body? You may not know how your body is developing any inflammation or infection which makes you sick badly. Hence, the best option we have is to eat few antiseptic foods regularly to kill any kind of infection in your organs. Other than that, these foods boost your immunity amazingly. So, have a look at the following and know about these foods. (Also Read: What Are The Alkaline Foods You Should Add In Your Diet)

What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics?


What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics

We all know about the health benefits of honey. Its medicinal properties help to heal skin wounds and ulcers quite faster than any other medicines. Moreover, it has a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential oils. So, honey can kill all your inherent bacterial entries. So, every morning drink a glass of honey water.

Rosemary herb and spices:

What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics

Rosemary has various health benefits. Many of you probably use this as a seasoning in many of your snacks. It contains caffeine and rosmarinic acids, which have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb protects you from asthma, liver and heart disease. The best way to consume this herb is making tea out of it. (Also Read: Which Foods You Should Never Cook In An Iron Pan)


Cabbage is the member of the cruciferous family and provides a lot of health benefits. It is full of vitamin C and that is why it provides a great benefit to our body. One can consume it in the form of salad or make a glass of juice by adding a teaspoon of honey into it. So, choose the right way to consume cabbage.


Many of us love oregano to season up the pizza or pasta plate. But you may not know that oregano can prove itself as a great antiseptic food in our body. It contains volatile oils thymol, which helps in protecting against the oxidative stress in our body. Other than that, it kills bacteria and fungus quite efficiently.

Star Anise:

antiviral properties are effective against both the herpes virus and the flu virus

Star Anise is a very common herb that we use in Indian Kitchen. It helps us to spice up any dish. But you may not know that it can help us in recovering from viral infections as well. Its antiviral properties are effective to fight against both the herpes virus and the flu virus. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Eat More If You Are A Smoker)

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