What are the essential nutrients to grow taller

What are the essential nutrients to grow taller

Your height is dependent on your genetics, but that’s not all that is true. There are things that impact your height such as your nourishment and the exercise routine. To have a good height or to be tall you must eat in the right way. In case of guys, most of the growth occurs at the age of 17 to 18 whereas in girls’ case it 15 or 16 years. It is important to have sufficient nourishment during this time. This will help to grow tall and take care of your health. So, let’s find out what these nutrients are. (Also read: What are the things you need to cut from your life for better health)

Vitamin D
The way calcium is a need for your bones, in the same way, the vitamin D is also required. The lack of vitamin D leads to weak bones and teeth. To get a good height it is important to have vitamin D. So indulge in sunbathing and Vitamin D rich food items.

Vitamin A
The vitamin A is also known as the retinol. According to a study helps to strengthen up your teeth and bones. This is a healthy way to gain the right height. It promotes the building of new cells and improves the bone structure. So, keep eating the Vitamin A rich food items.  (Also read: What are the best food swaps for a healthy life)

Vitamin B1
The vitamin B1 is really beneficial for the body. It is important to keep your nervous system active and healthy. It leads to cell generation and repair. So, it helps to gain height and health as well.

A research has shown that the calcium is really good for your bones and it is a universal fact. That is why young kids are often advised to have a calcium-rich diet. So, make sure you add dairy products to your diet.

Vitamin C
The Vitamin C has ascorbic acid in it that an antioxidant. This antioxidant is needed for the better health of your bones. So, for better height add vitamin C to your diet.   (Also read: How to get rid of a hangover in easy ways)

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