How to eliminate odour from clothes without washing in winters

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eliminate odor clothes without washing winters

During winters it is very difficult to regularly wash clothes. Moreover, in the absence of proper sunlight, the clothes do not get dried up completely and starts stinking badly. Scores of people avoid washing clothes during winters due as it comes hectic to dry them up. However, if you don’t wash your clothes for a long period of time then they start stinking badly. But here are some methods which can help you to eliminate the odour from clothes without actually washing them. (Also read :What are the side effects of consuming too much egg whites)

Let’s know about the tips which eliminate odour from cloth without washing

Dry the air

You can dry the clothes out in the open air to get rid of the odour of sweat. If you want you can dry these clothes near the plants in the house, that will help to eliminate the bad odour from clothes without washing them.

Baking soda

The innerwear or shirts usually have perspiration stains. You can remove these stains and stench with the help of baking soda. To get rid of these stains, make a mixture of baking soda and water. Apply this paste on stains and leave it for sometime to get dried up. Remove the paste with a brush once it dries completely. This will eliminate stench and stains from the clothes. (Also read: What Are The Shocking Things That Hurt Your Kidneys Unknowingly)

Lemon juice
eliminate odor clothes without washing winters
Lemon juice can be very beneficial to remove stains and bad odour from the cloth. However, to do so, mix lemon juice with water. Apply this mixture on the stains. This will remove stains and eliminates the odour too.

Essential oil
eliminate odor clothes without washing winters
To remove odour from clothes, mix some drops of essential oil in the water. Sprinkle this mixture on clothes and this will help to eliminate the odour from the cloth completely.

Coffee beans

You can use coffee beans to add the aroma of coffee in the clothes. Keep the coffee beans in the packet overnight along with the clothes. This will eliminate the stench of sweat from clothes. (Also read: What Are The Daily Habits That Are Harmful For Your Heart)

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