Why eating noodles is harmful for health

eating noodles harmful health

Noodles are the most popular junk food in the world today. They are easy to cook, so people like to eat them to save time. But the consumption of noodles may be harmful to your health. The noodles contain high amounts of carbohydrates, which are converted into sugar by the body and accumulated in the form of fats. Apart from this, the amount of nutrients in them is also less, so that there is no reason to add them to the diet. Noodles are cooked quickly but they might be very harmful to your health. They contain high amounts of fat, calories, preservatives, which affect the health, so it is better to consume noodles in a controlled manner. (Also read: Why you should drink water right after waking up)

Let’s know reasons that why you should stop consuming noodles.

Blood pressure

There is 1722 mg sodium in a whole pack of noodles. Which is harmful to your health. The excessive consumption of sodium increases the risk of blood pressure problems.

Reduce the nutrients absorption ability of the body
Those who consume noodles in excessive quantity, their ability to absorb nutrients is reduced. Noodles reduce the ability to absorb them due to lack of proper amount of nutrients. (Also read: Why is hugging necessary to stay happy and healthy)

The noodles are one of the reasons for fats. Noodles contain high amounts of sodium and fat, due to which the body suffers the problem of water retention. The weight increases quickly if you consume an excessive amount of noodles daily.

Fibre and protein in small quantities
Noodles are processed foods which cause weight gain. Noodles contain a small amount of fibre and proteins that are not a good option for weight loss. At the same time, you feel full for longer time.

Affects diet
The consumption noodles have an effect on your diet. Due to noodles, your body does not get the right amount of nutrients. Consuming noodles reduces the amount of vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, phosphorus and iron in the body. (Also read: What are the common myths about germs and the truth)

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