Eating banana can help you to fall asleep

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eating banana can help you to fall asleep

Many people face problem to get sound sleep during the night. It is well-known fact that, an adequate amount of sleep is necessary for good health. The inadequate amount of sleep may cause many health problems. People often consume sleeping pills to get good sleep, which causes many health problems like constipation, stomachache, brain problem or dizziness. If you want to avoid this side effect, eating bananas can be beneficial for you.

Bananas contain many nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins, and mineral which are very beneficial for good sleep. Banana also has a calming effect that helps improve sleep. (Also read: 6 Major Morning Activities Which Can Boost Your Metabolism)

Let us know how bananas help to get sound sleep:

Helps in sleep

Due to lack of magnesium in the body, there is pain and cramps in the body while sleeping. Banana contains about 8 percent of magnesium. Eating bananas helps you to attain good and long sleep. Banana also provides a neuro protective effect to the muscles, reduces the temperature of the brain and controls the hormone.

Relaxes the muscles

Bananas contain 12 percent potassium. Potassium combines with magnesium to relieve muscles and nerves, which leads to good and long sleep. In addition, it also keeps blood pressure regularly and also eliminates the problem of the stomach. Potassium also helps to reduce fatigue and cramps. (Also read: Major Signs Your Liver Is Getting Damaged)

Regulates sleeping pattern

Bananas are a rich source of tryptophan, which is known as amino acids. It regulates hormones called serotonin and melatonin. These hormones control the body temperature, which gives good sleep.


There is a problem of not having sleep due to lack of zinc. Banana is a rich source of zinc, which is again beneficial for good sleep. (Also read: Why one should limit the salt intake)

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