Dry eyes: Daily habits which are increasing the dryness of your eyes ever more

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Dry eyes: Most of our daily habits leave our eyes dry. (PC:http://www.asianewslb.com)

Dry eyes: Most of us complain about the constant itching and irritation in the eyes. Sometimes, our eyes become blood red and we find extremely hard to focus on our work. This is usually because of the problem of dryness of eyes. We all have certain habits which turn our eyes dry. Exposing our eyes to the computer screen for a very long time and not lubricating the eyes often enough lead to dry eyes. Besides this, we do not take a healthy diet which often affects the condition of our eyes. Thus, there is an urgent need to improve our habits and take care of your eyes. (Also read: What are the effective home remedies to get rid of dry eyes)

Dry eyes: Which daily habits make the eyes dry?

  • Looking at a computer screen for hours
  • Not wearing sunglasses
  • Excessive smoking
  • Wearing contact lenses for long
  • Not washing your eyes

Looking at a computer screen for hours

Daily habits which turn the eyes dry
Dry eyes: Long exposure of eyes to the laptop screens make the eyes dry.

Most of us are into the jobs where we have to spend long hours working on the laptops or computer screens. This makes our eyes extremely dry. Constant exposure to the screen turns the eyes weak and dry. Thus, we must blink our eyes timely and should take small breaks.

Not wearing sunglasses
The exposure of eyes directly to the Sun leads to dryness of eyes. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun snatches the natural water of the eyes, making them dry.

Excessive smoking
If you and your partner both are into smoking, your eyes will turn dry. Smoking hurts your eyes and makes them extremely dry and itchy. So, stop smoking immediately.

Wearing contact lenses for long
Contact lenses make the eyes dry by snatching the oxygen of the eyes. Many people often sleep by wearing the contact lenses, it deprives the eyes to get proper oxygen. Hence, causes dryness and irritation in the eyes.

Not washing your eyes
If we do not wash our eyes after coming back home, it turns our eyes dry. Pollution, dust, dirt etc. make the eyes dry and itchy. One should wash the eyes twice a day to keep them lubricated as well as protected.

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These are some of our daily habits which turn our eyes dry. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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