Is drinking tea after the meal is good or bad

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Is drinking tea after meals is good or bad

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Tea addiction is one of the most common addictions in India. People are too crazy about drinking tea, that they end up consuming it beyond the limit. They have no fixed time or routine and keep on drinking it whenever they feel like. However, this is one of the bad habits that people possess. Many people go restless if they do not get to drink a cup of tea after their meal. We all have heard it ample of times that consumption of tea right before and after the meal is not good. It disturbs the balance of digestion in the body and leads to acidity. Thus, let’s discuss why drinking tea after and before the meal is a bad habit. (Also read: How can you make your blood thin naturally)

Is drinking tea after the meal is good or bad?

One must not consume tea right before and after the meal. It impacts our body in the worst way possible.

Tea contains a phenolic compound that deprives the body of the absorption of the appropriate amount of iron. The presence of phenolic and iron together leads to the formation of complex iron in the stomach which leads to various stomach issues. Besides this, drinking tea right after the meal leads to the problem of lack of catechins in the body.

Those who are suffering from the problem of the heart must avoid too much consumption of tea and coffee. The amount of caffeine present in them leads to rise the blood pressure of the body and causes fluctuations in the heartbeat as well. Besides this, if one still wants to drink coffee after the meal then there should be some time gap for the food to get digested. One can add flavours like cardamom, ginger etc. in the tea. (Also read: Is cooking food with tap water safe or not)

There should be a minimum gap of around one hour when you consume tea, before and after the meal. Immediate consumption of tea right after the lunch or dinner might lead to the problem of deficiency of iron in the body. Tea has tannin in it which disrupts the iron consumption process of the body. Therefore one must maintain the gap of at least an hour between the tea consumption and meal.

However, the case is not universal with all kinds of teas. Herbal teas are different than that of the normal tea. Drinking herbal tea right after the meal is safe. A regular tea might lead to the problem of gastric pain and disturbance in the digestive system. Green tea and herbal tea are quite safe for consumption. They are anti-inflammatory in nature and contains enzymes that help to break down the protein into smaller particles to make it digestible. Thus, green tea and other herbal tea are safe to consume after meals. (Also read: Which type of underwear is the best for man)

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