Dirtiest Public places: Public places that contain the most germs

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Public places that contain the most germs

Public places that contain the most germs

A Public place is used by every person according to their convenience. But do you know that in these public places you also come in contact with germs? Many people use the things in a public place, which increases the risk of bacterial accumulation. Before using some of the things in a public place, caution should be taken so that you can avoid becoming victims of diseases. There are certain public places that contain more possibility of contracting germs and ruining your health. It is important to know about these things and places so that you can avoid running into germs and get sick. (Also read: Why should one avoid using soap bars while using public toilets)

Public places that contain the most germs

  • Public Taps
  • Public Transport
  • ATM Machines
  • Public Benches
  • Toliet soap

Public Taps
Many people use the public water tap for washing the hands or in some cases drinking the water. However, to open these taps, different people touch them so that the risk of bacterial infection increases because it is not necessary that the hand of every person is completely clean. (Also read: Why you should not put toilet paper on the public toilet seat)

Public Transport
In public transport such as buses, trains etc. many people take the hold of the handles and increase the risk of bacterial infection. (Also read: Which everyday things are dirtier than a toilet seat)

ATM Machines

Dirtiest Public places
Dirtiest Public places: ATM is full of germs

According to a study, at every ATM button, 1200 bacteria are found per square inch. A lot of people touch the ATM button, causing a bacterial menace. (Also read: Four important things one should do every day to maintain personal hygiene)

Public Benches
People used the public benches to sit and rest. Many times people are full of sweat and when they sit on the bench to rest, sweat germs get stuck to the bench. Therefore there are also many more germs on the bench.

Toliet soap
Most people share a soap at home or in a public place. Then, this soap turns into a storehouse of germs and you end up contracting them if you use the toilet soap. So, the better option is to use the cleaning gel instead.

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So, now you know about these things and places so that you can avoid running into germs and get sick. Click the link to read this in Hindi.

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