How does your diet play an important role in regulating your body odour

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How does your diet play an important role in regulating your body odour

Your diet and the odour of your body are both closely related to each other. Your diet affects the odour of your body. If your body produces the bad odour then your diet must be the reason behind the same. Excess sweating, genetics, some health condition, personal hygiene etc. are the few factors that determine the odour of the body. Your diet can lay both negative and positive impact on the odour of the body. Whatever you diet directly impacts the odour of your body. Let’s discuss the kind of diet that affects the body odour of your body. (Also read: Some amazing health benefits of eating khoa)

How does your diet play an important role in regulating your body odour?

Food rich in sulphur: The food items which contain sulphur lay a negative impact on your body’s odour. Food products rich in sulphur like garlic, onion, broccoli, cauliflower etc. leads to bad body odour. Thus, after eating garlic your body smells bad.

Spices and herbs: Excess spices and herbs in the diet often leads to conversion in your body odour. The temperature of the body rises when you consume excess spices. Eventually you tend to sweat a lot and your body produces bad odour. (Also read: Which foods help to fight inflammation in the body)

Alcohol: After the consumption of alcohol our liver tends to metabolise it. It turns the alcohol into acetic acid. Now, some of its portion is released out of the body through sweat and some through the respiratory system. Thus, when you breathe, you smell alcohol.

Meat: If you include meat in your diet then your body smells badly. Those who are vegetarian and eat vegetarian food have a good body odour than those who consume non vegetarian food. However, this is not clear that how much amount of meat leads to the bad body odour.

Fruits and vegetables provide good body odour: Fruits and vegetables contain carotenoid in them which helps to regulate the odour of your body. Tomato, carrots, sweat potato, green leafy vegetables etc. contain carotenoids. (Also read: Benefits of consuming raw garlic and water early in the morning)

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