What Are The Daily Habits That Are Harmful For Your Heart

What Are The Daily Habits That Are Harmful For Your Heart

In our regular life, we do many things which are quite casual for us. In fact, we hardly think about these habits until and unless they start backfiring us. We are not doctors or experts that we get to know about every bad and wrong habit for our health. That is why we do many things daily which gradually affect our heart and can be extremely harmful. Hence, to make you all aware of the same, we have come up with some common and regular habits which are harmful to your health. Hope this article will help you to not carry these habits and keep your heart healthy. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly)

Snoring regularly:
You may not know that if you are a regular snorer, you may be suffering from the condition called OSA. It is a condition in which the relaxed throat muscles block the airway deliberately time to time. This happens mostly during the night and the deprivation of oxygen level happens. This hurts your heart gradually.

Binging on TV to relax:
If you sit for a longer time and binge yourself in watching tv, you may have to change this habit. This is a very dangerous habit which can affect your heart deliberately. It is extremely important to get up after every 30 minutes. This can help your heart to work efficiently. Binging on TV can hamper your little physical activity. Remember, no matter, how much you exercise, sitting in one place for a long time can be bad for your heart. (Also Read: What Type of Fatigue Is A Sign Of A Serious Health Problem)

Can not eat without adding table salt:
Those who can not eat food without adding table salt are at high risk of having heart problems. It is because sodium retains water in the body. Hence, the high sodium can retain water and increase the blood volume. This process can pressurise your heart and stress it immensely.

Not drinking either tea or coffee:
Drinking tea regularly can lower the risk of the heart problems. Doctors say that people who drink tea regularly have a better heart. Other than that, people who consume coffee regularly have a neutral effect on calcium build-up in the heart arteries. So, avoiding both the drinks can increase the risk of having heart problems.

Keeping yourself constantly under pressure:
You should understand how much work your body can take. Excessive indulgence of yourself in work pressure can increase the risk of having heart problems. It can be life-threatening too. The fact is, long-term stress causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that may damage the artery walls. (Also Read: What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health)

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