How To Keep Your Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner

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Cool Home Without AC: How To Keep Your Room Cool Without Air Conditioner

There are some tricks to keep your room cool without AC

Cool Home Without AC: As the scorching summer is here, we are trying our level best to resist this weather. Even if you are staying indoors, the excessive humidity and blazing walls of the rooms can snatch your comfort completely. We can not help you protecting from heat during the outdoor activities, but we can definitely help you to keep your home cool without an air-conditioner. Have a look at the following and know about the tricks to keep your home cool without an AC. (Also Read: What Are The Common Washroom Mistakes You Are Making Unknowingly)

How To Keep Your Room Cool Without Air Conditioner:

  • Install an exhaust fan
  • Place blackout curtains
  • Use cooling spray
  • Use cotton bedsheets
  • Do not switch on the light

Install an exhaust fan:
Installing an exhaust fan in your dining room will help taking out all the warm air from your rooms. It will be better if you can switch on the exhaust fan all day long. In fact, it gives you a relief from the humidity inside the home. (Also Read: Which Indoor Plants Help To Purify The Air)

Place blackout curtains:
Blackout curtains help to restrict all the heat and sunlight to come inside the room. It is a great thing to stay cool and calm during the summer noons.

Use cooking spray:
There are two types of cooling spray available in the market. One makes your room cool and fragranced and the other one makes your body cool and hydrated. You can make your own cooling spray at home with the help of chill water and essential oil. It can be a good replacement for AC.

Use cotton bedsheets:
Polyester, silk etc. make your bed and room warmer. These materials promote sweating and make your skin itchier even. So, always use cotton or linen bedsheets which are good to bounce the heat back. It keeps you cool and fresh. It even absorbs your sweat easily and gives you a fresh feeling.

Do not switch on the light:
When you switch on the light it makes your room warmer. If you want, you can open your room ventilator to get light inside the room but do not switch on the lights. Other than that, you can use zero power lights which are low in intensity and gives you a calming effect. (Also Read: Which Indoor Plants Help To Purify The Air)

These are the ways you can try to keep your room cool without an air conditioner. Read this article in Hindi also.

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