Is cooking food with tap water safe or not

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Is cooking food in tap water safe or not

Tap water is not considered safe for cooking. People usually come up with a lot of questions regarding the usage of tap water for cooking. Though tap water is unfiltered one and isn’t safe to consume without boiling, however, there are ways it can be used. It is often debated whether tap water for cooking is good or not. People often say that while one cook the food in tap water, all the germs get killed automatically due to boiling. However, the concern is much more intense than only about germs and bacteria in the water. Nowadays, there is so much amalgamation of pesticides, chemicals, insecticides etc. in water that sometimes even filtered water is unhygienic to drink. Let’s discuss in detail about the usage of tap water for cooking. (Also read: What are the side effects of excess bathing)

Is cooking food in tap water safe or not?

Many people cook food in tap water and justify it by saying that due to boiling and heating of food, all the water-based bacteria kill. However, if asked, we would suggest not to use tap water for cooking. According to science water is safe to drink after it gets boiled up, as all the germs and bacteria wash off completely. But the matter is beyond the presence of germs and bacteria. Water contains insecticides, pesticides, germicides etc. which is actually unsafe to consume. When we use tap water for cooking, it may eradicate the bacteria but the chemicals still stay in it.

One can use tap water by using a tap filter on it just to wash the raw vegetables. However, you must cook your food in properly filtered water. There are certain residential areas where the water is either too much salty or way too muddy. Even after filtering it, the water is slightly unusual in taste. Thus, especially in those areas, people should not use tap water at all. Besides this, using tap water might increase the possibility of water-borne diseases. (Also read: What are the habits that can help you to improve your digestion)

Thus, in order to stay healthy and fit, one must use filtered water for drinking and cooking purpose. Some people wash vegetables in tap water after cutting them. It is extremely an unhealthy practice. All the pesticides and insecticides in vegetables multiply with the unfiltered water and make you fall sick.

The result of using tap water for cooking purpose or washing vegetable might not be immediate. But surely it is not as healthy as we believe. It is recommended to cook food in filtered water to avoid any chances of catching the risk of water-borne diseases. (Also read: What are the foods you must eat during a common cold)

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