Contact lens mistakes that can harm your eyes

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Contact lens mistakes that can harm your eyes

The contact lens has made life easier for many people but every good thing has a minus point and this also applies to the contact lens. It is not so easy to wear contact lens. You have to be careful while using contact lenses. When you forget to take care of few things while wearing a contact lens, you have to bear the loss of your eyes. You need to know about some of the mistakes related to contact lenses so you can avoid them in future. (Also read: Should you drink water before going to the bed)

 Keep wearing contact lens for a long time

Wearing contact lenses for longer periods can damage your eyesight. The contact lenses seem to be above your cornea. The cornea does not contain blood vessels, so the oxygen reaches through the tears to the cornea. When you are wearing a lens, tears do not reach your cornea, which does not give oxygen to the cornea. It is better that you take out the contact lenses from time to time, which gives oxygen to the cornea.

Wearing contact lenses while sleeping

If you have a habit of wearing a contact lens while sleeping, then by doing so you are harming your eyes. Wearing contact for a long time will not allow oxygen to your cornea, which can lead to eye irritation, discomfort, and even infections. (Also read: Your face reveals all about your health problems)

Wearing contact in water

Whether you are in the swimming pool or in the bathtub, it is important that you do not bring contact lenses in contact with water in any situation. Many types of bacteria and other harmful germs are born in the water, there is a possibility of infection in your eyes. Remove the contact lens before going to the water.

Cleaning contact lens with tank water

There are many types of bacteria in tank water that can affect your contact lenses and after wearing them your eyes can get damaged. Therefore, you must clean the lens with the solution given by the doctor. (Also read: Vitamins Consumption: What To Eat And What To Avoid)

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