What are the most common triggers of migraine

What are the most common triggers of migraine

A migraine is a very painful state to be in. It includes symptoms of an extreme headache. It is often accompanied by other problems as well, which includes symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to light or sound or a numbing sensation. It can affect anyone regardless of gender and age. The duration of a migraine varies from person to person. There are many possible triggers of a migraine. Even though a migraine is an individualistic problem, there are some common triggers that the pain. It is yet to be to classified as a neurological condition or a neurological disease. Nonetheless, it is important to watch out for common triggers. (Also read: Why having dessert is actually a good decision for your health)

Stress is a condition that can affect your physical as well the psychological state in the worst possible manner. According to a research, the stress level also has a serious impact on the onset of a migraine. Therefore, it is important to keep your stress levels in check.

Lack of sleep or unhealthy sleeping routine
A healthy sleeping routine can keep many problems at bay. However, if you fail to sleep enough or sleep too much then it might lead to the problem of a migraine. (Also read: What are the causes behind the trembling of hands)

Hunger Pangs
It is important to the patients with a migraine condition to maintain a healthy eating routine. When you skip the meals it leads to the low blood glucose level, which can possibly trigger a migraine.

According to a research excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to an onset of a migraine. The red wine is more responsible for this problem in case of women.

Strong smell
The problem of unhealthy reaction towards a peculiar smell is a unique attribute of suffers from a migraine. This is also known as osmophobia. It all varies from person to person, as the reaction to smell is very individualistic.

Intense exercise
According to a recent study, it was found that intense workout or exercise routine can turn into migraine trigger. In that case, it is better to stick to a low-intensity workout routine. (Also read: What are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins)

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