What are the common signs of stroke we must not ignore

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What are the common signs of stroke we must not ignore

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, stress and so much rush, the number of heart stroke and heart attack incidents are pacing up in India rapidly. It’s not just India, if we look at the worldwide rate of heart stroke we will find the rising bar. However, most of the times, the person is unable to make out whether it is a heart stroke or some other non-serious health condition. When a heart stroke hits, our body shows various signs and symbols which needs to be addressed at the earliest. When there is a slight disturbance in the neurological system that lays impact on the body, it is often a possibility of a stroke. It is the most crucial time when one must provide medical aid to the body to overcome any seriousness. (Also read: Which foods help to fight inflammation in the body)

What are the common signs of stroke we must not ignore?

Feeling numb: At times you feel numb and completely out of energy. Moving and dragging yourself to the immediate help also becomes out of question. You are unable to feel one side of your body and this is one of the most common symptoms of heart stroke. This is usually the bleeding on one side of the brain that makes the other side numb.

Drooping of the face on one side: When one side of the brain gets affected, it reflects on our face. A side of your face starts drooping. It disturbs your facial expression and makes them uncontrollable. The mouth or the eyes often affect when the stroke strikes. (Also read: Some amazing health benefits of eating khoa)

Chest pain: Often there is a severe chest pain. People often take it as a gastric pain but mind it, until you confirm it medically does not judge it. The extreme pain in the chest should be treated at that very moment.

Fumbled speech: Often when the heart stroke strikes, our speech also gets impacted as it is regulated by the brain. We either fumble or could not speak at all. The speech muscles become paralysed and you can’t speak even when you try a lot. Rush to the immediate help.

Blurred vision: All our body organs are controlled by the brain. Any hindrance to the normal functioning of the brain impacts the overall body. Even our eyes and the vision gets impaired in case of stroke. Either you start having a blurred vision or you can’t see anything at all. It is the nerve that carries the information from the brain which gets damaged when the stroke strikes. (Also read: How does your diet play an important role in regulating your body odour)

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