What are the common myths related to smoking

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What are the common myths related to smoking

It is a matter of fact and common knowledge that smoking is not good for the health. The nicotine present in the cigarettes ends up harming the internal organs of the body. Initially, people think that it is fun to smoke but soon they turn into addicts and this addiction starts to cost their life. At the same time, people have a lot of misconception when it comes to smoking. When you continue to believe the lase ideas and statements about smoking, then you will end up destroying your health. So, let’s break the myth about smoking right away. (Also read: Brown Rice Vs White Rice- Which One Is Better)

“There is nothing wrong with occasional smoking”
This is the biggest excuse that people use when they have quit smoking. Regular smoking is certainly bad, but there is nothing good about occasional smoking as well. Even a tiny amount of nicotine in the blood can harm the blood vessels.

“Smoking helps with the stress”
People think that smoking eases out the stress. Maybe you feel that way as well, but in the long smoking harms your health in the worst possible manner. It leads to an imbalance of dopamine. Thus you face the mood swings. (Also read: What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health)

“You can’t quit after a long time”
When you have been smoking for a really long time, then you feel that it is impossible to quit it. That is not true, as you can let go of smoking addiction whenever you want. It will be the best step for your health.

“If you have a nutritious diet, then smoking is fine”
People who smoke think that if they are maintaining their diet or have a healthy way of living then smoking is fine. It might control the impact of smoking, but the impact is still there.

“When you quit smoking you face mood swings”
When you quit smoking then it is true that you face craving for it. However, it is not for forever and you can beat it. (Also read: What are the effects of the second-hand smoke or passive smoking)

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