What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes

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What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes

Most of us love to cook the food. Thus, it brings a lot of responsibilities along with it as well. Washing and cleaning dishes is one of the most hectic tasks. Therefore, most of us do it half-heartedly. However, washing dishes is one of the most important tasks. We need to wash the dishes carefully in order to ensure hygiene. Often there are leftovers in the plates and bowls. And if these dishes are not washed off properly, they can make us ill. A lot of bacteria and fungi accumulates on the used dishes when they are left unwashed even for a short while. Thus, it becomes essential to take up some hygienic tips while one washes the dishes. (Also read: What are the probable reasons for stomachache after every meal)

What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes?

Washing in the dirty sink: We all gather the used and dirty dishes in a sink. However, while washing the dishes we still continue to use that dirty sink that already has so many germs and bacteria. Thus, ensure that the sink in which you are washing the dishes is clean. Otherwise, first wash off the sink and then continue washing the dishes.

Using dirty sponge:
What are the most common mistakes one makes while washing the dishes
The sponge with which we wash the dishes should be clean too. It already has so many germs on it already, that an unclean sponge is more harmful to our health. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that often come from the food leftovers on the sponge. Thus, make sure you change the sponge on weekly basis. Besides this, make sure you first clean the sponge before using it on the dishes. (Also read: What are the low-calorie breakfast options for a healthy morning)

Using too much soap: Many of us, use excess soap over the dishes. However, this is one of the worst practices. Too much foam and lather on the utensils might not be washed off completely. They stick to the dishes and then we use the same dishes to eat our food.

Not washing the dishes with water first:
If you are not rinsing the dishes properly with water and not getting rid of the leftover food on the plate. The leftover food is a hay place for the bacteria and germs. Thus, make sure you wash off the plates properly with water first and then use soap on it. Gather the leftover in a bag or a bowl separately.

Not cleaning and washing the towel: We often remain ignorant about the cloth and the towel we often dry the dishes with. This piece of cloth gathers all the possible infectious particles on them. And by wiping our dishes dry with this cloth, we often make ourselves vulnerable to infections. (Also read:What are the healthy eating habits that can help teenagers to achieve goals in life)

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